Why ePub3 ?

ePub can be seen as a reliable packaging of Web content that represents a digital book, magazine, or other type of publication, and able to be distributed for online and offline consumption. Follow major companies that have recently decided to standardize all production on ePub format. Have a look at IBM arguments. Discover IDPF position papers. And take advantage of ePub3 enrichment options to open up your content to audio, video, or any external add-on and offer to your readers a unique and customized experience.

ePub Premium

Discover the most efficient way to create eBooks readable on any device, without losing in content or design

Affordability and cost-control

ISIcrunch SaaS solution reduces the cost of ownership and allows for a pay-per-use, alongside with a high-volume pricing.

No technical limitation

ISIcrunch can deal with any text in any language using any alphabet, characters or symbols (e.g. Latin, Arabic, Chinese characters, or mathematical signs). Similarly, ISIcrunch converts from various formats: InDesign, PDF, Word, ePub and other.

100% quality

ISIcrunch unique technology provides the highest level of reliability, carefully controlled by our expert teams.

Self-managed production process

ISIcrunch 100% cloud-based platform makes guided conversion easy and accessible to anybody, thanks to user-friendly design and help features.


ISIcrunch fast processing technology allows convert massive numbers of pdf files, up to complete publisher catalogues or corporate corpuses.

Support team available

We help our clients use ISIcrunch SaaS platform and can also provide conversion services if required.









1  •  Design

You focus on your best value: the content. You create beautiful, detailed, complex books that you first intend to sell as prints. You strive to offer the best design experience to your readers and don’t want to downgrade this magic when translating it to mobile devices.  

2  •  Clean

All you need to do is “clean” your pdf files in order to prepare them for ISIcrunch conversion (but of course we help you do that).

3  •  Convert

You simply upload your pdf files on ISIcrunch platform and see how the work is progressing. You are notified when your files are ready, which takes about 24 hours to allow our teams control final quality. You retrieve your files directly from the platform.

4  •  Read

You can read your files on any open platform device (iOS, Android, etc.). You are now ready to distribute them on your proprietary store or any other eBook store available (Apple, Google, and other open platforms). We also propose our own ISIreader.

Playful searchable eBooks

No limitations, perfectly suited for education or technical litterature

All languages and alphabets

ePub Enhanced

Discover the easiest way to make still content playable to infinity and add augmented text, pop-ups, audio, video, 3D, slideshows, quizzes, and more.

Appealing, playful and educative 

Discovering by touching the screen, learning by playing, accessing detailed information on demand; ePub enhanced adds multiple content layers to a seemingly simple eBook.

Quick & Easy

ISIcrunch is so intuitive you can do it by following our self-managed production process on our 100% could-based platform.


Save money by better controlling the enhancement process. No need to waste time checked the work outsourced to external partners or asking for changes.


As paired to our proprietary solution for multimedia content database (ISImage), ISIcrunch comes as a 2-in-1 solution.


Add your own content, or rely on our embedded widgets to come up with fun quizzes, exercises or visualizations templates.

Support team available

We help our clients use ISIcrunch SaaS platform and can also provide enhancement services if required.









1  •  Data store

Benefit from a simple platform to store your creative content and craft your enhanced eBook. Based on ISImage, its Global Asset Management solution, ISI offers you a complete tool for a seamless process.

2  •  Enrich

ISIcrunch is ePub3 only, relying on HTML5 infinite possibilities for adding, linking, interfacing. Click and paste in predefined boxes, without any need of technical competence – what is more easy?

3  •  Preview

Check any moment you work is as beautiful and compelling as in your dreams. ISIcrunch lets you see your eBook in progress as it would appear to readers.

4  •  Package

ISIcrunch automatically encapsulates your ePub3 enhanced content in a single file. Everything you add is analyzed and certified to produce an ePub3-compliant package ready for distribution.

Explanations, detailed views included


In the publishing market, the ePub format has become the standard for the distribution for all digital publications and documents.

Based on web standards, the ePub single-file package relies on HTML5 format for rich media content delivery. As a perfect fixed layout format, ePub3 reproduces your original design while adapting to any device and screen size.

• It ensures 100% respect of original content thanks to its absolute positioning.

• It allows for portability on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Enhancements are added the easiest way


Definition of interactive zones with a simple pointer


Selection of the type of content from a table or our exerciser widget


If necessary customization (quizzes, exercises, etc.)


Link to the right pop-up, audio, video, 3D, slideshow, quiz, additional text to allow for easy reading on small screens, etc.

The pricing for both offers depends on the number of eBooks, their size and their complexity. To get an estimate, please contact us.

ISIcrunch technical solution is the result of a multi-year research. It relies on a glyphs generation allowing for unique reproduction of any character, symbol or item on a page. Images are processed in a way to preserve maximum quality.

SaaS or Service

ISIcrunch comes to you either as a SaaS platform, or as a service you outsource to our expert teams. Both offer the highest level of security as the complete process is run on ISI proprietary servers.



 ePub Premium

Delivery time (typical 250 pages-book) – includes quality control

Pdf file cleaning / preparation

Conversion processing (upload, production monitoring)

Quality control

2 days




4 days




ePub Enhanced

Enhancement resources selection, design and planning

Enhancements resources upload

Add-ons following planning specifications

Quality control

2 days




4 days

ePub3 files hosting (1 year)

Enhancement resources hosting and management

Optional (see ISImage)

The pricing for both offers depends on the number of eBooks, their size and their complexity. To get an estimate, please contact us..

Partners & Ecosystem

ISIcrunch Partners are PrePress industry leaders to answer Publisher's high-demand production: 

• STDI (France)

• IGS-CP (France)

• Internal Publisher team (Brasil, France)

• Off-Shore companies

ISIcrunch delivers eBooks that are ready to distribute and read on all open platforms: 

• Compatible device platforms : iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows

• Compatible stores: App Store, Google Play Store, Kobo, classical online book stores, etc.

• Compatible readers: iBooks, Google Play Books, Kobo Reader, Readium, Custom Readers, etc.