Optimizing document production

The ISImage service has for purpose the management, the consultation and the archiving of the images and the documents which are entrusted to us by our Customers. 

ISImage allows you to:

  • Upstream, ISI’s professionals provide the Client with iconography, image selection and digital acquisition services to prepare the digital collection to be put online. Document management and data entry can also be outsourced to ISI specialists.
  • A Client remains the owner of its data, the management, consultation and archiving of which are based on computer applications and hardware, servers, Internet communication and security systems (Firewall, Proxy, antivirus), made available to the Client by ISI.


Personal workspace and unlimited number of electronic folders

Ease of use

A fully customizable web interface, compliant to your communication guidelines


Pure online, accessible from any connected computer


All multimedia assets of your company are in one single place; any employee in charge of creating or using such content is supposed to use ISImage as the only corporate reference for multimedia content


Easily communicate the right documents to the right people in or outside your company

Simple :  Pre-selected assets are accessed through a magic key with time-limited access.

Rights management : You decide who can access what and define custom user profiles amongst your internal teams or external partners (press, communication agencies, etc.).

Customized : You create your personal folders , and organize it as you wish

As an authenticated user, you create your own electronic folder and populate it with your selected resources. You can then send it to the people of your choice, internally or externally.

Recipients can easily retrieve documents from your eFolder. All they need is there, nothing more.

You get detailed information and history of log-ins and access to your eFolder.


Optimize document production and pre-press workflow thanks to digital automated process

Optimized Workflow : Use our complete pre-press production platform to give partners (esp.printers) direct access to your pre-press resources

Customization: ISImage platform is fully customizable to your production and delivery process

Time saved: Free marketing & communication staff from dealing with marketing material transfers

Network management: Avoid overload and bottlenecks on your own network by using ISImage servers and web production platforms

You create your electronic container with your own materials. You can review every piece of information before sending it for print.

Our database driven FTP system allows for high-volume delivery to any print company in the world

You follow the delivery of your electronic containers, including workflow statistics about your customers or partners.