ePub Enhanced

Bring your eBooks to life!

Discover how to make your content interactive to the fullest, by adding audio, video, images, slideshows, animation, 3D, quizzes, exercices, and more.


ISIcrunch is ePub3 only, relying on HTML5 infinite possibilities for adding, linking, interfacing.

With ePubAdmin, our Easy-to-use Authoring Tool, you very simply fill forms, click and paste text, browse your resource files – what is easier?


Benefit from a simple Cloud-based platform to store your creative content and craft your enhanced eBook. Powered by ISImage, its Digital Asset Management (DAM), ISI offers you a complete service for a seamless process.


Check anytime your work is as beautiful and compelling as in your dreams. ISIcrunch integrated Reader lets you see your eBook in progress as it would appear to readers.


At each step of the process, ePubCheck assures the perfect Publishing@W3C compliance of your eBook. Together with our Optimization features, you are ready to create ePub 3 Open Standard learning content.


You can easily follow the Work-In-Progress by using our tracking facilities on the SaaS platform. Resources list, size optimization, widget validation, metadata and navigation editing, everything is under control and displayed in your Dashboard.

ePub Enhanced – Advantages

Appealing, playful and educative

Discovering by touching the screen, learning by playing, accessing detailed information on demand; ePub enhanced adds multiple content layers to a seemingly simple eBook.


As paired to our proprietary solution for multimedia content database (ISImage), ISIcrunch comes as a 2-in-1 solution.

Quick & Easy

ISIcrunch is so intuitive you can do it by following our self-managed production process on our 100% could-based platform


Add your own content, or rely on our embedded widgets to come up with fun quizzes, exercises or visualizations templates.


Save money by better controlling the enhancement process. No need to waste time checked the work outsourced to external partners or asking for changes.

Support team available

We help our clients use ISIcrunch SaaS platform and can also provide conversion services if required.