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Why choose ePub for education?

Isn’t it an exciting time to learn and be at school? Learning has become fun and interactive thanks to eBooks and the emergence of new technologies. With ePub for education, teachers can include resources and be connected with their students far more than with a...

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Educational eBooks for teachers

Have you noticed that nowadays, every single student is having an electronic device close to him? As a grown-up teacher, you have seen the digital transformation of the world through the eyes of your millennial students, or digital natives, and the next generation,...

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White Paper ISICrunch Digital Textbooks

The three key challenges to be adressed The progressive expansion of the ePub standard in the creation of digital textbooks is becoming a general trend for the educational publishing industry. This eBook presents the status of ePub as the standard, shows how it meets...

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Frankfurt Book Fair

October 10th to 14th, Frankfurt (Germany)   Come and visit us in Germany as ISI will be exhibiting at the world's largest book fair as well as animating three workshops to present our latest eBooks innovations.

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