How to create an interactive eBook for children?

24 Jul 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

Nowadays, all kinds of books can be found in the digital format: romance, novels, educational textbooks, etc. But what about children’s books? Parents, teachers and children are more and more interested in this format, especially when it comes to be interactive. Now, you are probably wondering how to create an interactive eBook for children? Let us guide you step by step.

What does an interactive eBook for children look like?

First of all, let’s see what an interactive eBook for children is. We all know eBooks, they are written books published in a digital format that can be read on computers, tablets, readers or smartphones. Interactivity comes with other kinds of supports inserted into the text of the book. 

For instance, a video, an audio, a game or a link to a website are considered as interactive supports. They give a strong value to the book as they are interesting, fun and playful. This is why kids love them so much!

A step-by-step guide to create your eBook for kids

Writing the story

This is probably the most difficult part. To keep the children in suspense, your story will have to be creative and fun. Think about the age of your target, you wouldn’t talk to 4 years old as you would talk to 12 years old.

Make sure that your main character is easy to rely on. Children, like adults, need to identify with the character, whether it is an animal or a human. If your target is very young, know that kids prefer to read stories about everyday life (going to school, going to the doctor, etc.). 

The older children get, the more imagination they have. So, if your target is more than 7 years old, you can create an unprecedented situation like J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter. 

If you are writing an educational eBook, make sure to integrate fun facts that will keep the children interested. 

Choosing and integrating the right interactive content

Now that you have your story or your digital textbook, you can start to search for digital content to integrate. Of course, the interactive content that kids prefer is video. Don’t abuse of this format thought, as some parents would not appreciate if their children spent too much time on videos.

You can also add some audio. It could be funny noises, songs, a voice that reads the story, characters talking…. This format is a great value to an interactive eBook for children. 

Last but not least, games or interactive exercises have a real success with children. The more playful they are, the more parents and kids will approve it. 

Converting your file into an ePub

Now that you have your interactive eBook ready, the last step is to convert it to a format that can be read by most electronic devices. One of the most popular being ePub, ISIcrunch has developed an easy tool to convert any type of file into an eBook.

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