The importance of eBook in education

6 Nov 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

As a professional of the publishing industry, you have quickly understood the need to invest into eBooks and other kinds of digital publishing formats. You know that your audience is keen of all sorts of digital contents and that it makes the learning process easier when it comes to educational textbooks. You are willing to convert your classic paper books into fancy eBooks, but you are wondering: “how to choose the right digital publishing formats?” Let’s focus on that and talk about the process to find the perfect digital format for your publications.

eBook in education: a new way to learn

The time when pupils had to stay still, listening to their teacher speaking, sitting on their chair in a cold classroom is over! Nowadays, students want the learning to be fun and interesting and teachers are eager to interact with their audience. But there is something else that students do not want anymore: heavy bags.

So how can educational publishers propose an interesting, fun and interactive way to learn while lightening pupils’ heavy bags? With digital textbooks, of course! As a matter of fact, an eBook in education is:
Simple to access: students can access to their educational content anytime, anywhere and on any device, both online and offline, when the content has been downloaded;
Light: a whole library can be stored on a simple device that fits in a pocket;
Interactive: the support is playful and engaging. Lessons can be illustrated with audio, video, links, maps, etc.

How to meet the demand?

As we have seen, the demand for educational eBooks from both teachers and students is getting higher and higher. Educational publishers must stay up to date and understand the importance of eBooks in education.

It is important that eBooks are enriched with high quality media contents: this is what will make the difference. What is more, digital textbooks must be created with texts translatable in any language, from Latin to Chinese. Finally, some eBooks must include mathematical signs.

How can educational publishers be prepared for eBooks in education?

The best way to get ready to meet the educational world’s demand is to choose an appropriate conversion solution to digitalize textbooks and convert them into eBooks for education. The process should be simple, and the design of textbooks should be easy.

Luckily, ISIcrunch proposes to convert all your textbooks into ePub. This format is definitely the best one to create eBooks as it allows many types of digital contents to be added to your texts: video, audio, references, interactive exercises, etc.

This standardized open format is more and more used to create eBooks and it tends to become the new norm of the digital publishing industry. As a proof: ISIcrunch has already converted more than 1 billion pages into ePub!

Are you curious about our solution? Please, try right now your free demo and get ready to convert all your old paper textbooks into fancy and playful eBooks for education.