How to improve content experience with digital publications?

16 Oct 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

Have you noticed how much your audience loves when it is facing a content experience? Adding some content to your digital publications will not only improve people’s interest in your writing, it will also generate more sales and more turnover for you as a publisher. As you can see, everyone wins! But exactly how to improve content experience with digital publishing? And how can you add these digital contents to your textbooks? Let’s find out right now!

What is a successful content experience?

Adding content to your writing will increase the reader’s interest into your digital publications. This content can take many forms:

  • Video;
  • Audio;
  • Game or exercise;
  • Link to a reference website;
  • Interactive map;
  • Etc.

    Any type of interactive content can now be added to digital textbooks or any kind of eBooks. The goal is to illustrate an idea or entertain the reader.

    The key to a successful content experience is to dose correctly the number of contents and their relevancy. Obviously, you do not want to lose the readers under a pile of videos or audios, but you want them to have a perfect understanding of your meanings by giving them more materials.

Be sure that your audience will love your digital publications!

Why do people love added content to their digital publications? As you may already know, some people are visuals, meaning that they learn by seeing, some people are auditory, so they learn by hearing and some people are kinesthetic, they learn by feeling.

When writing a digital publication, especially an educational eBook, you mainly work for people who are visuals. By adding contents such as audios, videos or exercises, you increase your audience understanding and you take any type of reader into consideration. In a nutshell, you make the learning process even easier for everyone!

Your audience will feel more involved in the story of your book or in the sayings of your digital publications. For instance, in a marketing brochure, you can add a video presenting your office and the people who work there. In a history textbook for students, you can add an audio of a famous speech and in a mathematical textbook you can create an interactive calculus exercise. Your audience will love this and never get bored !

How to add content to your digital publications?

Now that you know what a successful content experience is, let’s see how you can add content to your digital publications. First of all, you should choose a format which can be read by any electronic device: eReaders, tablets, smartphones, computers of any brand, etc.

Have you heard of ePub? This is definitely the best format to edit any type of digital publications such as novels, educational eBooks or marketing brochures, for instance. Not only can this format be read by any device, but it also allows you to add any type of digital content to your texts.

Do you want to see how this could be done? Do not waste any more time and download your free demo right now !