Why EPUB could be useful for an education publisher?

25 Sep 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

That is now a well-known fact that digitalization is everywhere, even in the publishing industry. eBooks have invaded the book market and earn more and more market share every day. But along with progress comes higher demand. Readers of all sorts are fed up with the classic PDF format and are now asking for more and more interactivity which can easily be provided with EPUB. As an educational publisher, you may wonder: “OK, but why EPUB could be useful for an education publisher like me?” This is what we are going to see right now.

Digitalization and the publishing world

First of all, a word about the way digitalization is shaking up the publishing world. In 2017, statistical indicators showed that 3.8 billion people were internet users and 3.5 billion were active mobile users.

The pace at which digitalization has advanced the past decade is breathtaking. Can you imagine that in 2011, eBooks only represented 1% of the European book market? In 2016 the digital textbook market in Europe is estimated around 7% and it continues to grow fast!

Staying up to date with the demand

Education publishers are now aware that if they want to stay competitive, they have to propose interactive contents to both teachers and pupils. The fact that the demand is growing higher and higher is not at all due to a fancy phenomenon.

Not only can the students and their teachers have access to a whole library of educational eBooks on any electronic devices (such as smartphones, computers, tablets or readers), they can also enrich their knowledge with digital contents.

As a matter of fact, digital educational books can display interactive contents to illustrate an idea and make the learning process an easy and fun moment for all students.

What does EPUB offer that other formats don’t?

Converting any complex Layout to an EPUB is now an easy process with ISIcrunch. But why should an education publisher prefer EPUB rather than any other file? As we already discussed, both pupils and teachers are eager to find a more interactive way to learn.

With an EPUB, not only will you be able to download or find online any education eBook, but you will also be able to insert interactive contents such as:

  • audios and videos;
  • links to references;
  • annotations;
  • practice exercises;
  • animated maps ;
  • quizes ;
  • accessibility;
  • etc.

Do you need more proofs that EPUB is useful for an education publisher? If so, you should note that converting your educational textbooks to EPUB is the best cost-effective way. By using our Authoring tool for enrichment EPUBadmin, we have already calculated more than 3 million enrichments. It has then appeared that the minimum cost reduction of the enrichment process is 30%!

Do you now have more clues about why EPUB could be useful for an education publisher? Should you need to know more about our converting solution, please feel free to contact us. Fancy to try and convert one of your educational textbooks into an ePub? Go ahead and try our free demo !