Why convert PDF to EPUB?

18 Sep 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

As an educational publisher, you probably have all your textbooks stored into PDF format on your database. But you feel that something is missing with this format and you are annoyed that it does not always match with the screen size of your electronic device. So, you are wondering how you can make your eBooks look more attractive and up to date to match today’s needs. Have you considered converting your PDF into EPUB? Let’s see four reasons why you should start to convert PDF to EPUB now.

Reason n° 1: to enrich your eTextbooks with more functionalities

Nowadays, both teachers and students are eager to learn from digital contents. The ePub format is therefore the best one to insert interactive content to your digital textbooks such as audio and video players, interactive exercises, responsive maps, links and URLs, etc.

With these amazing functionalities, students feel more integrated into the learning process and teachers have access to a bunch of interesting resources to illustrate their teaching and make their lessons more playful and captivating for their audience.

Reason n° 2: the use of a standardized open format

Did you know that the ePub standard was initially proposed by the International Data Publishing Forum? This means that ePub is now the reference format for educational eBooks.

This standardized open format not only reproduces the totality of the original contents that are integrated, but it also adapts itself to any type of device, such as mobile phones, tablets, any size of computer screens, readers, etc.

Reason n° 3: it is easy to convert PDF to EPUB

By choosing to convert your PDF to EPUB, you need to select a tool that can improve your productivity and that is easy to use! The ISIcrunch platform allows its user to improve their productivity by 30% per year.

With a conversion tool such as ISIcrunch’s, you can transform a PDF file, or other kinds of files, into an EPUB that can be read on any type of digital support. You simply need to charge your PDF into the tool and click on the conversion button. Within a very short amount of time, you will get an ePub ready to go!

Reason n° 4: to get a better return on investment

One of the main advantages to convert PDF to EPUB is automation. Authoring a large number of eBooks can be very expensive due to all the external costs induced by outsourcing.

By converting PDF to EPUB using an authoring tool, the reliability of the enrichment process and the cost structure are able to guarantee a better and quicker return on investment.

What is more, by getting an automation process, fewer errors will be made and the costs for repairing those errors and proofreading the eBook will be less consequent.

So, are you convinced about the need to convert PDF to EPUB? Should you need more proof, do not hesitate to try our free demo or to contact us if you have any question.