Why ePub is an opportunity for educational publishers?

4 Sep 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

You are an educational publisher and you are wondering if you should make the effort to convert your textbooks into a digital format. You have heard of ePub, but you are not sure that this format suits the needs of both teachers and students. Nevertheless, you are convinced that digital contents included into your textbooks will provide a better learning quality to teachers and their pupils. Let us see right now why ePub is an opportunity for educational publishers.

Educational publishers and the growing demand for digital content 

It is now a well-known fact that we are living in a digital era. Educational publishers have understood that digital textbooks represent the future of teaching. Therefore, they are looking for the best way to create fun and interactive educational eBook.

What is better than numbers to demonstrate how fast is the demand growing? In Europe, eBooks represented only 1% of the market in 2011. In 2017, the market had grown to 38% with a turnover of 8.4 million euros!

Furthermore, a global digitalization plan, aiming to reduce inequalities in the learning process, is taking place all over the world. Teachers are now eager to present digital textbooks to their pupils. They realize that this digital format creates more interactivity and allows the students to feel more included into the learning process. 

What difference will ePub make in the learning process? 

Learners are more than please to use digital textbooks. This format will definitely make their life easier:

  • no need to carry heavy bags full of textbooks anymore; 
  • no need to have dozens of books open on one single small table to write an essay;
  • no need to search for secured sources over the Internet for hours.

All sources will be included in the eBook by the educational publishers. Leaners will have access to Internet links, videos, audios, activities, quizzes to test them, etc. 

What is more, moving from a paper edition of textbooks to a digital edition makes it possible to democratize access to education in a world of 57 million out-of-school children. An ePub might be sufficient when pupils do not have access to a school, a teaching, a book or notebooks.

What makes ePub so interesting for educational publishers?

To remain competitive, more and more educational publishers adopt ePub as a digital format for textbooks. Of course, the average cost of an eBook towards a paper book is the main cause of this infatuation. For instance, in the USA, a digital textbook costs seven times less than a paper manual!

ISIcrunch has developed a new technology that will transform your old textbooks into ePub3 format. This latest version of the ePub format relies on the common web standards (HTML5 and CSS3). 

Using ePub3 has many advantages for educational publishers:

  • improve quality of enrichment;
  • provide competitive contents;
  • reduce and control production’s cost and time.

Do you now realize why ePub is an opportunity for educational publishers? Then, why don’t you go ahead and get a free demo right now?