Why choose ePub for education?

3 Jul 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

Isn’t it an exciting time to learn and be at school? Learning has become fun and interactive thanks to eBooks and the emergence of new technologies. With ePub for education, teachers can include resources and be connected with their students far more than with a regular educational textbook. ISIcrunch helps you to convert old textbooks into an interactive and interesting ePub. Still hesitating? Here are the best reasons why choose ePub for education.

ePub for education: a fun and interactive way to learn

The time when students had to carry a heavy schoolbag on their back is over! With digital eTextbook, students and teachers now have access to a full library from only one electronic device. It could be from a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or an eReader. The digital textbook simply needs to be downloaded from a platform or from the Internet.

Once downloaded, the ePub educational textbook can be read offline, which makes it easy to study anywhere and anytime. Wherever the student is, he will have access to all his educational eBooks and will be able to revise his lessons or make his exercises. Teachers could also take advantage of this electronic format to prepare their lessons, even if they are in a place with no Internet connection. 

Possibility to add interactive contents

One of the most convenient reasons to choose ePub for education is the possibility to include interactive reading functionalities. All kinds all lessons could be illustrated by an interactive support for a better understanding. 

URLs can be integrated to facilitate the student’s navigation and comprehension. Notes can be taken an added directly to a page or a chapter by learners and teachers. Audios, videos and podcasts can help to visualize or memorize any lesson. 

Exercises are directly included into the eBook to test the knowledge and comprehension of the learner. Different kinds of exercises are proposed such as linking, move objects or questions with multiple choice. 

A search tool allows pupils to search for more information or answers to their questions. Thus, they feel more integrated into the learning process and get more responsibilities in their studies.

Better quality and cost control for educational publishers

Today, educational publishers need to produce textbooks more effectively in order to beat competition and answer the progressing demand. They also need to think on how they could add value to both teachers and students. 

ePub for education is an easy way to convert textbooks into educational eBooks. It provides cost control and improved productivity as well as better quality and learner satisfaction. 

With this digital format, there are no technical limitations. Any languages, alphabet or mathematical symbols can be used. Also, it is very easy to convert ePub into other formats such as InDesign, Word, PDF… Its fast processing technology allows to convert a large volume of textbooks into ePub within a short amount of time. 

Are you ready to convert your old textbooks into a dynamic and interesting ePub? Don’t waste time, get your free demo and start converting eBooks now.