moovleen is the ultimate solution to convert PDF content to responsive HTML.


We natively produce accessible content to ease the Reading experience for DYS and Visual impaired people.


Capture, compose and edit your content to create Accessible Learning Resources:

  • We recognize any complex layout with Text, Image and Table,
  • You style with your Custom CSS, Edit Mathematical functions,
  • We automatically provide Image description and Translation,
  • You insert Multimedia assets (Links, Audios, Videos, Images, PDF, Text Input, etc.)
  • We provide a complete multi-language Text-to-Speech studio,
  • You Export as standalone HTML ressources, responsive HTML BOOK, or EPUB Reflow.

It is your choice to generate beautiful Mobile-friendly educational resources.


Adapt your content and Create Inclusive Learning Resources.

moovleen provides:

  • Automatic Image description and Translation,
  • multi-language Text-to-Speech,
  • BoxDYS with:
    • Text, Word and Line manipulation,
    • Night mode,
    • Font selection,
    • Colored lines,
    • Synchronized Text and Audio