Educational eBooks for teachers

5 Jun 2019 | Workshop | 0 comments

Have you noticed that nowadays, every single student is having an electronic device close to him? As a grown-up teacher, you have seen the digital transformation of the world through the eyes of your millennial students, or digital natives, and the next generation, born in a digital world. But how is this transformation affecting the way you do your job? As a teacher, should you keep using old textbooks, or should you follow the flow and present education eBooks to your class? Let’s see together how educational eBooks may revolutionize your practice!

Education eBooks are a part of the digital transformation

Did you know that internet users were about 3.8 billion worldwide back in 2017? That year, 84% of the European population and 88% of the US population were considered active users! No need to wonder if your students were part of these statistics, as most young people now have access to the internet through their smartphones, tablets or computers.

We are now living in a digital era that has changed all our habits… even when reading books! In 2016, the worldwide market for eBooks was worth USD 10.8 billion and its future is bright, according to all sources.

The educational publishing industry quickly understood how important the digital transformation was. Publishers now wish to prioritize the conversion of existing textbooks into educational eBooks, even if they don’t aim to obsolete the print editions.

Why are students and teachers so attracted by educational eBooks?

The educational publishing industry recognizes that this massive digitization of textbooks is in response to a huge demand from both teachers and students. This way of teaching offers better interactivity between teachers and pupils and accessibility, as this form of books can be downloaded on many devices.

As a matter of fact, with a digital eTextbook, everyone can access functionalities such as annotations or internet browser. The files can be downloaded to be read offline or can be checked online, making learning and revisions easier and more accessible for all students.

Educational eBooks versus classic textbooks

If you are still wondering whether you should convert your lessons into educational eBooks, here are a few arguments that might finish to convince you:

  • Students feel more integrated into the learning process with digital books;
  • No need to carry a lot of heavy books anymore, teachers and pupils can store all their lessons in one single light devise;
  • Teachers can prepare their lessons anywhere: the bus, the train, a waiting room, etc.;
  • Students can learn their lessons anywhere: the bus, the train, a waiting room, etc.;
  • A search tool is often integrated, allowing pupils to search for more details;
  • You can integrate interactive contents into your eBooks such as videos, podcasts, charts…

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